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                                                                        CLIENTS SAY...

                                                                        “Thanks for coming to host at the Special Olympics
                                                                          Ceremonies Tyler. You were great and really created a
                                                                          great atmosphere for the spectators and athletes.”

                                                                          Afsheen Panjalizadeh-Marseh
                                                                          Competition Manager at Abu Dhabi Special Olympics 2019

                                                                        “Thank you so much for your fantastic work at the
                                                                          Emirates Airline Festival of Literature this year, keeping
                                                                          up the energy at the Family Oasis and the Heritage
                                                                          Majlis, keeping the crowds entertained and stepping in

                                                                          whenever and however necessary to support the team!”

                                                                          Flora Rees
                                                                          Head of Education, Training and Publishing
                                                                          for Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

                                                                        UAE: +971 (0) 52 593 8525 | UK: + 44 (0) 7515 467 974 |
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